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DIY Needs A Hand!

A homeowner expressed a desire to have a backyard pond installed. Her adult children wanted to surprise her and installed one while she was out of town one weekend. She was thrilled! Due diligence had been done in researching the design and construction. Unfortunately, sometimes the information that is available can offer conflicting opinions, causing choices to be made that result in unforeseen issues arising. This was the case, as the backyard pond soon developed crumbling foundation and water quality issues; cloudy, green water and low oxygen levels. This made it difficult to view the fish, lessening the enjoyment for the homeowner.

Luckily the homeowner called Aquaria Services. We were able to assess the situation and after discussion with the homeowner, come up with a feasible solution. This allowed Aquaria Services to create the low maintenance, backyard aquatic vision of her dreams. Now she relaxes each evening with her fur babies, listening to the soothing sounds of her waterfall.

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