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About Us

Aquaria Services Inc. is the Premiere

Aquatics Service Company in South Texas. 


No job is too big or too small.  We take pride in providing friendly reliable aquatic service to all of our customers.  Our primary interest is the continued health and prosperity of your aquatic feature.


With over 25 years experience as professionals and with the expertise of a Marine Biologist, you can be assured of the finest state-of-the-art installation, whether commercial or residential, that current technology offers.


Whether you are looking to bring the beauty of aquatic life into your living room, or want to add the calming effects of exotic fish to your office, we’re ready to transform your space. 


We began as an Aquarium maintenance company and over the years have expanded into Koi and Goldfish Ponds, Water Gardens, Water Features and Lake Fountains.  We specialize in bringing top quality workmanship and state of the art filtration and technology to South Texas.


COMMITMENT – You can take comfort in knowing that our 24-hour Emergency Service is available to address your concerns or questions at any time.  When the unexpected occurs, we’ll be there.


DEDICATION - We are dedicated to our customers and clients and always try to provide new and innovative products that keep up with advances in research and technology.


QUALITY – We quarantine all of our specimens for at least two weeks to 30 days, prior to bringing them to our customers. This reduces the risk of disease and helps insure a healthy long-lived addition.


EXPERIENCE – Our staff is comprised of industry professionals, not part-time inexperienced hourly employees. Questions are encouraged!  We enjoy sharing our knowledge with our customers.


PEACE OF MIND – Aquaria Services respects you and your property, we are insured for your protection.


CONVENIENCE – We are equipped to deal with most emergencies at the time of service.  If we do not have what is needed, we will get it.  Our customers should never have to visit their local fish store for supplies or livestock.

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