No Joke MuckOut

This client bought a house with an existing backyard pond, which took up most of the backyard. This pond had seriously been neglected and was in need of a major MuckOut. They contacted us and requested clear water and less vegetation. It took a full Aquaria crew to accomplish this task. We had two newbies on the job site, Katelyn and Jonathan, who definitely got their hands/feet dirty that day. After much work and a lot of “Muck” removal (15+ trash bags full), Aquaria Services had achieved success!

Repairing a Disappearing Fountain

This little fountain had completely gunked up and wasn't flowing at all. Aquaria Services Inc. stepped in and cleaned it right up. We replaced the old, crumbling reservoir basin and made sure the vase plumbing was in good shape too. The most difficult part of these fountains is making sure everything is level so the water comes out from all sides at the same time. We were able to get this one leveled out and working like a charm.

Taking the Stress Out of a Peaceful Backyard Escape

This old pond was beyond repair when we first got to it. We removed the pre-formed pond bottom and added all new liner and a real pond waterfall filter and UV clarification system, transforming this headache into a heart-throb in under a day! Click through the gallery below to see step-by-step photos of a true pond overhaul.

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