Overgrown to Manicured!

Backyard water gardens are always a bounty of green and colorful flowers and plants. This can be an extremely beautiful addition to any property. But as beautiful as water gardens can be, they can also be deceiving. Underneath there can lurk a horror of a mess. The addition of a good filtration system is essential in keeping up the appearance and water quality of the water garden. Throughout time, a water garden can give an illusion of “clean” clear water, but eventually all ponds and water gardens inevitably will need a MuckOut. Airborne debris, such as leaves, branches, grass clippings, etc. all create a layer of rotting material on the bottom of your pond. This not only can cause di

Repairing a Floating Fountain

This park fountain barely had any water movement. We rowed out and retrieved the fountain medallion, cleaned it up, and inspected the wires for damage. After a thorough cleaning and inspection, we placed the medallion back out into the pond and it ran better then ever!

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