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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do ponds need filters anyway?

Ponds in nature are totally different than artificial ponds

installed in people’s yards.  Natural ponds do not have

liners, pumps, heavy stocking densities of fish, or have

to always have clear water.  Most natural ponds have

streams or springs feeding it fresh water.  Most have largeareas of plants feeding off the nutrients of the pond. People want their backyard ponds to be crystal clear all of the time, want their fish to be really healthy, and wantto have lots of colorful fish in a small area. 

This is whyfiltration systems are necessary.


Do you clean ponds and water gardens?

Yes, we can maintain, stock fish & plants, Spring

clean and Winterize your pond.


My aquarium is already set-up. 

Will you take over cleaning it?

Yes, we will gladly take over the chore of cleaning

and maintaining your existing aquarium.


Do you move aquariums?

Yes, Aquaria Services can safely relocate your aquarium

to a different room, or move it across town.


How much does it cost for

Aquaria Services to clean my aquarium?

Call for an estimate.  Prices vary depending on the

size of the aquarium, fresh or saltwater, equipment,

frequency of service calls, etc.


Do you supply fish food, fish and decorations?

Yes, we can supply all of your aquarium needs at lower

prices than most pet stores.


Can I choose my own fish or decorations?

Our clients always get to choose the overall look

of the aquarium and types of fish.  Aquaria Services

will work with you to choose aquarium décor and

compatible fish.


Do you install aquariums in walls?

Our extensive remodeling and carpentry experience allows us to create unique and safe aquarium installations wherever you have in mind.  We can also work closely with your current carpenter to create the perfect aquarium space.


Do you install and service business and

residential aquariums?

Yes, Aquaria Services offers service for your home or

office aquarium.


Is your company insured?

Aquaria Services Inc. carries full business, commercial vehicle, and liability for all aquarium and remodeling related incidents.

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