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The Heat is On!

Our senior Tech, David, is a master of many trades, and never ceases to be a source of amazement. Whether it is designing complex filtration systems, creating unique water features, repairing any and all issues that arise, carving concrete, his talents are vast. We can now add blacksmith to his repertoire.

A blacksmith works by heating pieces of wrought iron or steel until the metal becomes soft enough for shaping with hand tools, such as a hammer, anvil or chisel. David has been able to adapt and develop some creative techniques for replicating his and/or our client’s visions into stunning masterpieces.

From creating aquarium racks and stands to handcrafting metal doors and unique signage, there is no end to his talents. He even experimented with a new technique of “braiding” heated metal for a unique door handle. There is no telling what else he will design and come up with in the future. The possibilities are endless.

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