DIY Needs A Hand!

A homeowner expressed a desire to have a backyard pond installed. Her adult children wanted to surprise her and installed one while she was out of town one weekend. She was thrilled! Due diligence had been done in researching the design and construction. Unfortunately, sometimes the information that is available can offer conflicting opinions, causing choices to be made that result in unforeseen issues arising. This was the case, as the backyard pond soon developed crumbling foundation and water quality issues; cloudy, green water and low oxygen levels. This made it difficult to view the fish, lessening the enjoyment for the homeowner. Luckily the homeowner called Aquaria Services. We

Functional Yard Art!

The addition of decorative yard art is taking over neighborhood backyards all over. People are looking for new and innovative ideas to dress up their yards and add touches of whimsy. Backyard chickens have also become the latest craze. Everyone is jumping on the bandwagon to be homesteaders. Aquaria Services came up with a new innovative way to combine both of these crazes. David, our resident Decorative Concrete Artisan, applied his numerous skills and with a collaboration of creativity amongst the Aquaria team. After much “discussion” we were able to come up with the final creation, a Trio of Decorative Concrete Mushrooms. Plumb lines were run to chicken water nipples, hidden within

La Palmera Get's It's Glo On!

The seasons are changing and La Palmera is jumping at their chance to join. It was time to shake things up and get the Lil Kiddos excited about their play area. To allow for a surprise for All, Aquaria Services came in late one night to start their transformation. We found a Goldfish Aquarium that had gotten a little dull. We left leaving a beautifully transformed GloFish Aquarium. The bright colors and glowing decos are a hit in the Children’s Area. Plenty of Smiles were to be found the day after the transformation and everyone has expressed their excitement over the change.

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