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Water Gardening is defined as using water in your landscape to create a peaceful, relaxing place.  Water Gardening is becoming all the rage in gardening.  Letting the relaxing, soothing sounds of running water ease your mind and take away the tension. Water Gardens create a natural focal point in any landscape.


Your water feature should suit your budget, your lifestyle and your time. Aquaria Services Inc. specializes in the Design and Installation of Koi Ponds, Water Gardens and Filtration Systems.  In addition to designing and installing, we also renovate existing ponds and upgrade filtration systems.  We specialize in keeping your pond and livestock healthy and visible.






We offer maintenance solutions for all types of water features and we tailor our maintenance programs to meet the specific needs of each customer. As Spring and Fall each approach, our experienced staff provides seasonal opening and closing services. For customers requiring more attentive or year-round maintenance services, we offer weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly routine service programs. We’re also available to deal with emergencies and unforeseen events that affect the performance of  your pond, water feature, fountain or filtration system.


Aquaria Services Inc. custom builds filtration systems to provide both mechanical and biological filtration. Our filtration systems will fit the needs of the pond; including water volume, superb clarity and expected or ideal fish load, always keeping in mind ease of maintenance.  


Typical Service For A New Pond Includes:


  • Maintenance

  • Clean-outs/Muck-outs

  • Design & Install

  • Custom Filtration

  • Pond Repair 

Typical Service For An Existing Client Would Include:


  • Monitor water chemistry and fish health

  • Clean skimmers and filters

  • Check pumps to make sure there are no clogs

  • Top off water and perform water change

  • Skim surface and bottom of the pond for debris

  • Add water treatments 

  • Clean excess algae from waterfalls

  • Trim and maintain aquatic plants

Pond Clean-Outs/Muck-Outs


  • Springtime is best for this service

  • Drain the pond (this water can be great to fertilize plants and grass)

  • Remove the fish, and house them temporarily in a holding tank onsite

  • Vacuum out all debris, and pressure wash the liner and rock work 

  • Clean all of the filters and filter pads

  • Refill the pond, dechlorinate, add beneficial bacteria and acclimate fish


Pond Repair


Even the best built ponds can eventually have problems.

Given enough time, ground settling and erosion can cause leaks or damage equipment in any pond.  


Types of Repairs we perform:

  • Add new waterfalls to existing ponds

  • Rebuild poorly constructed and leaky waterfalls

  • Upgrade and install pumps and filter systems

  • Patch ponds that have leaky rubber liners

  • Re-do poorly constructed stonework

  • Enlarge existing ponds to create healthier environments for fish and plants

  • Replace faulty pumps

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