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Constructing an Enormous Koi Pond from the Ground Up!

This client had a very small patio pond full of beloved koi. When it was time to upgrade, we went BIG.

This is not your typical pond. There are no water lilies, no terraced and trickling waterfalls, and no lavish landscaping. No, this pond is all about the fish and their comfort as well as the happiness of the client.

This pond is around 8 feet deep and a whopping 9000 gallons! It has a secluded cave built in, which offers the koi a dark and cold stress-free zone. Four Sheer Descent waterfalls create ideal aeration for the large inhabitants.

This pond is so nice that even the owners have been know to join their koi from time to time in a swim!

Click through the slideshow below to see how we built a koi mansion from the ground up!

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