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April 16, 2017

             A homeowner expressed a desire to have a backyard pond installed.  Her adult children wanted to surprise her and installed one while she was out of town one weekend.  She was thrilled!  Due diligence had been done in researching the design and construction.  Unfortunately, sometimes the information that is available can offer conflicting opinions, causing choices to be made that result in unforeseen issues arising.  This was the case, as the backyard pond soon developed crumbling foundation and water quality issues; cloudy, green water and low oxygen levels.  This made it difficult to view the fish, lessening the enjoyment for the homeowner.

            Luckily the homeowner called Aquaria Services.  We were able to assess the situation and after discussion with the homeowner, come up with a feasible solution.  This allowed Aquaria Services to create the low maintenance, backyard aquatic vision of her dreams....

April 15, 2017

The addition of decorative yard art is taking over neighborhood backyards all over.
People are looking for new and innovative ideas to dress up their yards and add touches of
whimsy. Backyard chickens have also become the latest craze. Everyone is jumping on the
bandwagon to be homesteaders. Aquaria Services came up with a new innovative way to
combine both of these crazes.

David, our resident Decorative Concrete Artisan, applied his numerous skills and with a
collaboration of creativity amongst the Aquaria team. After much “discussion” we were able to
come up with the final creation, a Trio of Decorative Concrete Mushrooms. Plumb lines were
run to chicken water nipples, hidden within the underside of the large Mushroom. This allowed
for the chickens to sip a cool drink as they passed by or rested in the shade the mushrooms

To add another element to the design, Glow Stones were imbedded within the
concrete tops. These Glow Stones are charged by the sun and create a nightly glo...

November 19, 2016

Over time issues can arise with any backyard pond. Aquaria had a homeowner with a
backyard pond that was losing water on a more continuous basis then evaporation warranted.

Aquaria Services assessed the situation on site and discovered the liner was the culprit. This
pond had been installed with a PVC plastic liner material, rather than an EPDM rubber liner.
This liner, while widely used, does carry unique issues. It can become brittle when exposed to
UV, easily tears and is not repairable.

The decision was made to replace the liner. At this time, the homeowner decided to
spruce up his pond. This was inclusive of reshaping the rockwork and repairing the waterfall in
the process. These additional enhancements went a long way to creating an aesthetic appeal
the homeowner will be able to enjoy for many years to come.


October 22, 2016

South Texas Botanical Gardens holds a special place in Aquaria Service’s hearts. 

When their annual fundraiser, Moonlight in the Gardens came up, Aquaria Services dove at the chance to assist.  In addition to Denise chairing the Silent Auction, we also came up with the idea of having a Wine Pull.  Aquaria donated the design, construction and decoration of a Giant Hibiscus Flower with holes for the wine bottles. 

It was a huge hit, with everyone having a blast and raising much needed funds for the South Texas Botanical Gardens.

June 22, 2016

This Client had a barren spot in their landscaping and had a challenging request for Aquaria Services. 

He wanted a bubbling rock water feature that was viewable from all sides.  It was to be viewed from inside and outside, allowing for full enjoyment and entertainment.  This required numerous large pieces of rock to aesthetically achieve the size and performance requested. 

In the end, the client stated Aquaria had exceeded his expectations.  All in All, job well done.

June 9, 2016

This client was presented with two problems. 

First, a pond that is in desperate need of an update on its filtration system. 

Second, designing a way to integrate the new filtration system into the existing pond system without creating an eyesore. 

This presented a challenge, as the pond was an open plan, but Aquaria Services was up for the task. By utilizing a FilterFalls type of filtration system, we were able to build a rock waterfall base around the filter module.  This allowed for the camouflage of the filtration system, but also added an additional aesthetic appeal to the backyard. 

Sitting peacefully on their back patio, client and his wife will enjoy a tranquil evening.

April 27, 2016

This client bought a house with an existing backyard pond, which took up most of the backyard.  This pond had seriously been neglected and was in need of a major MuckOut. 

They contacted us and requested clear water and less vegetation. It took a full Aquaria crew to accomplish this task. 

We had two newbies on the job site, Katelyn and Jonathan, who definitely got their hands/feet dirty that day.  After much work and a lot of “Muck” removal (15+ trash bags full), Aquaria Services had achieved success!

April 23, 2016

This little fountain had completely gunked up and wasn't flowing at all. Aquaria Services Inc. stepped in and cleaned it right up. We replaced the old, crumbling reservoir basin and made sure the vase plumbing was in good shape too. 

The most difficult part of these fountains is making sure everything is level so the water comes out from all sides at the same time. 

We were able to get this one leveled out and working like a charm.