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April 16, 2017

             A homeowner expressed a desire to have a backyard pond installed.  Her adult children wanted to surprise her and installed one while she was out of town one weekend.  She was thrilled!  Due diligence had been done in researching the design and construction.  Unfortunately, sometimes the information that is available can offer conflicting opinions, causing choices to be made that result in unforeseen issues arising.  This was the case, as the backyard pond soon developed crumbling foundation and water quality issues; cloudy, green water and low oxygen levels.  This made it difficult to view the fish, lessening the enjoyment for the homeowner.

            Luckily the homeowner called Aquaria Services.  We were able to assess the situation and after discussion with the homeowner, come up with a feasible solution.  This allowed Aquaria Services to create the low maintenance, backyard aquatic vision of her dreams....

November 19, 2016

Over time issues can arise with any backyard pond. Aquaria had a homeowner with a
backyard pond that was losing water on a more continuous basis then evaporation warranted.

Aquaria Services assessed the situation on site and discovered the liner was the culprit. This
pond had been installed with a PVC plastic liner material, rather than an EPDM rubber liner.
This liner, while widely used, does carry unique issues. It can become brittle when exposed to
UV, easily tears and is not repairable.

The decision was made to replace the liner. At this time, the homeowner decided to
spruce up his pond. This was inclusive of reshaping the rockwork and repairing the waterfall in
the process. These additional enhancements went a long way to creating an aesthetic appeal
the homeowner will be able to enjoy for many years to come.


June 9, 2016

This client was presented with two problems. 

First, a pond that is in desperate need of an update on its filtration system. 

Second, designing a way to integrate the new filtration system into the existing pond system without creating an eyesore. 

This presented a challenge, as the pond was an open plan, but Aquaria Services was up for the task. By utilizing a FilterFalls type of filtration system, we were able to build a rock waterfall base around the filter module.  This allowed for the camouflage of the filtration system, but also added an additional aesthetic appeal to the backyard. 

Sitting peacefully on their back patio, client and his wife will enjoy a tranquil evening.

April 27, 2016

This client bought a house with an existing backyard pond, which took up most of the backyard.  This pond had seriously been neglected and was in need of a major MuckOut. 

They contacted us and requested clear water and less vegetation. It took a full Aquaria crew to accomplish this task. 

We had two newbies on the job site, Katelyn and Jonathan, who definitely got their hands/feet dirty that day.  After much work and a lot of “Muck” removal (15+ trash bags full), Aquaria Services had achieved success!

April 14, 2016

This old pond was beyond repair when we first got to it. We removed the pre-formed pond bottom and added all new liner and a real pond waterfall filter and UV clarification system, transforming this headache into a heart-throb in under a day!

Click through the gallery below to see step-by-step photos of a true pond overhaul. 

December 9, 2015

This groggy little koi pond needed a new filtration system and a good scrubbing in order to get it's flow back. 

Cris and David got to work sucking out the years of muck and scrubbing down this lovely pond. We added a new skimmer system to help with the plant debris and upgraded the entire filtration system. 

Click on any photo below for more information regarding the process. 

July 23, 2015

Backyard water gardens are always a bounty of green and colorful flowers and plants.
This can be an extremely beautiful addition to any property. But as beautiful as water gardens
can be, they can also be deceiving. Underneath there can lurk a horror of a mess.

The addition of a good filtration system is essential in keeping up the appearance and
water quality of the water garden. Throughout time, a water garden can give an illusion of
“clean” clear water, but eventually all ponds and water gardens inevitably will need a MuckOut.
Airborne debris, such as leaves, branches, grass clippings, etc. all create a layer of rotting
material on the bottom of your pond. This not only can cause discoloration of the water, but
also can interfere with the chemistry of the water, possibly causing distress on any pond

MuckOuts can be very messy work. It requires you to get down and dirty. Luckily
Aquaria Service Techs don’t mind the nasty. Especially if the end results can be clean, clear

November 28, 2013

This little backyard stream was a bit small. We came in utilizing the space available. We cleaned out the existing muck and got to digging. We also added a new liner and waterfall filtration system, then got to work on the rock work. 

Teri, Cris, Denise, and David took time carefully selecting the perfect rocks for the flow of the pond. Together, they created a natural zen environment that encourages total relaxation.